The crypto world available to everyone

What it's all about

Minercapital makes its farm available for the entire team to get cryptocurrencies directly credited to their personal wallet through the mining process.

Said like this for those not in the business may sound complicated, but now let’s go into a proper analysis.

What is the meaning of Mining?

The simplest definition of “mining” is related to the production of digital coins. Just like metal and paper coins, digital coins must also be produced.

Production takes place using computers, to put it simply computers that in return for work done give 1 or more coins as a reward. Exactly like renting a house, in return for the service you receive a reward.

This is where the concept of decentralization comes in, but to help you understand imagine it as industrial production.

Decentralization? That's what it is

We understood that cryptocurrencies are produced by special computers, this is what is enough to understand the concept of decentralized finance. Since there is no central bank to produce money, finance is managed by blocks that are not dependent on a someone or something.

The term blocks is not accidental, it is in fact used to explain the last fundamental concept the Blockchain.



All these blocks together form a “Blockchain”┬áthat handles all transactions and operations related to the crypto world.

All these transactions have to be processed by machines, and the moment a block is closed you are rewarded with crypto directly transferred to your personal wallet, just like a wallet that you have in the pocket.

Why mining is advantageous

Unlike any crypto earning method, “mining” turns out to be the most concrete. Farms, i.e., facilities specializing in cryptocurrency production, are not as abstract as the various failed projects that come out almost every day.

The two main advantages are as follows:



Income is totally unrelated to time. Our method of operation, for example, consists of full delegation where we go in for maintenance and in the management of the machinery.

All you have to do is join the community to start earning!



Security in this world is of paramount importance. That is why in our project we have chosen to credit cryptos directly to your wallet.

By doing so you can convert them whenever and however you want in fiat! So for example in Euros or Dollars.

How we differ

Let’s start by saying that our mission is for all members of our community to achieve financial freedom, to achieve it the only way is to untie time from money.

Through mining this is possible, an automated system guarantees a passive income by completely freeing you from investing your time, which we all know is the most valuable resource.

Most profitable installations in the market

They are installed in prestigious hosts with energy supply from renewable sources, specifically a 2 MegaWatt hydroelectric power plant.

3 Forms of earnings:


These are the steady profits that come from bots that mine crypto


These are the earnings from the network of direct and indirect

Currency quotation

Profits that depend on the market value of the currency

Restricted access

To protect the privacy of our esteemed Community members, the details of the operational steps will be available only after logging in to the restricted area.

If you are already a member:

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